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unité's mission is to... 

unité's believes that... 

unité's strives to... 

  • shatter the stigma associated with mental health and foster emotional resilience in youth communities.

  • By promoting accessible mental health education, awareness, and culturally competent resources, unité strives to empower youth with the necessary tools they need to thrive emotionally

  • mental well-being and resilience are essential to a happy and healthy life

  • mental health barriers, such as stigma and low accessibility, must be deteriorated

  • youth-centered mental health education and awareness are essential tools that all children must be equipped with

  • diligently work towards destigmatizing mental health 

  • empower youth to promote mental health awareness in communities worldwide

  • provide a safe & inclusive space for those committed to bettering their mental heath 

  • combat mental health barriers facing youth  

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