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“Stronger together”: a timeless truth that echoes with immense significance, because togetherness and unity allow us to rise up, foster community, and flourish. unité; an initiative founded for the youth by the youthstrives to destigmatize mental health to instill emotional resilience in youth. It is time that we replace our silence around mental health with loudness, for everyone has mental health but no one should have to struggle alone. Through stigma-free mental health education, awareness, accessible resources, and programs, unité aims to foster a stronger awareness and understanding of mental health and psychology topics so that everyone has the ability to kindle supportive communities and thrive. 

همگی     unidos     متحد     nagkakaisa     اتفاق     eenheid     團結     unidade

unité strives to normalize the conversation around mental health by promoting mental health education and awareness


unité Aims to provide you with a plethora of accessible, socially, and culturally competent mental health resources.

unité aspires to Break the stigma, shame, and secrecy surrounding mental health across the world 

 At unité, we believe that normalizing the conversation surrounding mental health  and combatting the stigma associated with mental health is essential to Cultivating emotional resilience in youth communities. By promoting mental health awareness and education, we hope to diminish youth mental health barriers.

at unité, we recognize that the cost and inaccessibility of mental health treatment can be a large barrier on an individual's journey towards Emotional Resilience. we hope to combat these barriers by providing you with accessible resources and tips from experienced individuals, while simultaneously fulfilling our goal of normalizing the conversation around mental health. 
 at unité, we acknowledge that the universal stigma surrounding mental health greatly debilitates many individuals from seeking support for their mental health. Our primary goal is to destigmatize mental health, but in the meantime, we will provide you with judgment-free resources and information to help you grow on your mental health journey. 
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